Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa hat cupcakes

Since I had apparently been cured of my inability to make decent cupcakes while making the vampire cupcakes at Halloween, I decided to make some Christmas cupcakes. Not sure where the idea came from, maybe the domed shape of a cupcake, but I thought it would be cool to frost them to look like little Santa hats. I did a few google and google image searches and found lots of Santa face cupcakes, but no Santa hats! Surely I can't have been the first person to try this. Anyway, here's the process in pictures:

Start with whatever kind of cupcakes you want, I used a basic yellow cake.

Pile some red frosting up into a cone shape. I used a bag, but you could probably spread it into shape just as easy...

Because I had to spread the red frosting a bit anyway so it didn't look like, well, a big red poo.

Frost a white border around the bottom, and a white pompom on top. Voila!

I'm sure someone else could make these look a lot better, my cupcake "production values" weren't the best this morning. But they were fun to make.


Anonymous said...

hope you keep these photos and descriptions for an eventual cookbook, at least to give your grandkids someday. Reminds me of the "sombrero cookies" my Mom had me make, with flat round cookies topped with a marshmellow.
(I beat snowleopard to commenting again!)

SnowLeopard said...

Yes, Anonymous, you are quick today. :) I like these! Very original Turi. I bet they taste just as good as they look too. The red poo part made me laugh out loud!

anne said...

hey turi!
i found this totally serendipitously through slashfood..what a small little internet world!
i'm back in reno at borders!
looks like you're doing great!
i'll give you full credit if i make the cupcakes for the work crowd!
peace out,
anne f.