Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween a day early

Us Nevada folk have a bit of a scheduling issue with Halloween - Oct. 31st is Nevada Day, so sometimes Halloween gets celebrated at odd times. This year, trick or treating was happening on Oct. 30th in Carson City, and the 31st in Reno. So, we spent the evening of Friday the 30th at grandparents place in Carson with the whole crew. Here's the kids:

And Nanny leading them out for trick or treating:

Julien had a haul, and sorted it out on the floor:


Morgan said...

The sorting is awesome...funny.

Anonymous said...

Being a Becker, he could not just eat it without sorting it, could he.

Turi said...

I had to suggest it, actually. Once he got started, though, he was unstoppable. Sorted by type, shape, size... Teachable cataloging moment.