Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kinney Lakes

On a whim Saturday morning, we decided to go for a little hike at Kinney Lakes, at the top of Ebbetts Pass. It's about an hour and half away, so I got to read some Harry Potter to everyone in the car.

It was a perfect day for a hike. Mid-70s up at 8500 feet. T-shirt or sweatshirt temperature. Here's Julien heading out:

And Mich and Sofia getting a ways ahead in the meadow:

We had some great views from the trail on the way to the lake:

The lakes (reservoirs, really) were really low, even for the end of the summer. The water level is usually part way up that tree to the right, and you can see the water lines all the way down...

So, a bit of playing by the water:

And a rest by the dam:

We found a couple of little wildlifes, some tiny red worms:

And a curly caterpillar:

The walk down was kind of a chore, cue to the kids having for wet feet and the ensuing blisters, but we made it. Passed this really cool geological display on the way down. Wish I could tell you more about it...


SnowLeopard said...

What a beautiful day! I've never been to Kinney Lakes. How far did you walk? You took some really good close ups of the wild life (mine are always blurry on one side of the photo). That last picture of the "geologic structure" was pretty cool too- looks like there were some layers in the ridge. I wonder if it was all under water at one point?

Good to see that you're making progress through the H.P. series~ :)

Gail said...

Nice hike. Thanks for getting the kids into hiking. It's always nice to have water fun on a hike. Some day they'll be able to carry a change of footwear. :)