Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter pics

For some reason, out of the whole year of photos, somehow my Easter pictures end up being the best. Despite being a pretty secular bunch, something about getting everyone together, and the traditions of the egg hunt for the kids and brunch for everyone else lend themselves to good picture-taking. As the kids are getting older, though, they get faster, and it's harder to catch them in the act. I did get a few good ones this year, though...

Sofia, waiting in the gates for the fun to start:

Julien goes for the tough ones first:

Sofia digs deep:

Julien hits the front yard for better pickings:

And then gets very serious about candy unwrapping:

I didn't get many decent pictures of the cousins this year - they were moving too fast - but here's Luther finding an egg:

And Julien and Ramona eating watermelon:

Fun Easter, all in all, and a perfect day for it.


SnowLeopard said...

You did get some awesome pictures! I really like the one of Sofia with her mouth open, and the last one of Julien and Ramona. :) They are so cute! And it WAS a beautiful day~ perfect for an egg hunt. Not too hot, but not cold that you needed a sweatshirt either.

Gail said...

We enjoyed the pictures. Julien asked to see the Luther video four times. We thought it was really adorable and hilarious. Gail, Julien, and Ken
P.S. Julien says, "I will love to be with you again, Turi."