Friday, July 24, 2009

Confections 1 - Golden Eggs

Recently I read an advance reader copy of Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado. I mentioned that it was one of the few books that include recipes that I've ever read where I literally wanted to make every one of them. Feeling like I needed to do some baking recently, I decided to do just that. This is the first.

Golden Eggs are a very rich yellow cake batter, baked in egg molds (or in my case, muffin pans) then dredged in butter and cinnamon/sugar. I'm not going to type out the recipes here, you'll need to get her book eventually for that.

Here's a batch ready to go in:

I did one batch in a silicone muffin pan, the other in metal. Had much better luck getting the silicone batch to release. FWIW.

The recipe said this made about 12 "eggs." I think I could have got 30+ out of it, and these are pretty big muffins. Also - possibly because of their size, I had them in the oven for almost 10 minutes past the 15 called for.

After dredging:

Had to let them cool a bit before dredging - and be really careful not to drop them in the melted butter!

Ready for the close-up?

Mmmm... decadent.

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SnowLeopard said...

Gaaaahhhhaaa~ I can barely breathe through the drool... When did you make them? Taste as amazing as they look? Why do you have to live so far away when I NEED your baking right NOW? :)