Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farewell, My Subaru

Farewell, My Subaru is Doug Fine's story of moving to New Mexico, buying a plot of land, some goats and chickens, and giving his city-boy best try at living closer to the land. All in the name of reducing his carbon footprint and being generally more environmentally conscious. He converts a pickup to run on biodiesel, installs solar paneling and plants a garden. He's flooded out, his garden is destroyed by hail, and the local coyotes make off with his chickens. But he retains his sense of humor, and in the end, can really appreciate what his new life has brought him.

Book 24

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SnowLeopard said...

What did it bring him? The green Digital Age? Those are two quite opposing terms there. (I read the excerpt on Amazon, and this guy is really funny! Kudos to him for doing his best to make it work- it's WAY more than I've tried to do...) I love that he named his new home the Funky Butte Ranch. Sounds like he has had quite the spiritual time "growing [up] on the farm"...