Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OR Vacation - Friends

It was really nice to see some friends when we were up in Oregon. Mostly just the first couple of days; we took off by ourselves after that. The first night, we went to Karl and Brandi's Biergarten party, then stayed the night at their place. Here's Karl, manning the grill:

And Karl in the middle, Brandi on the right, and other friend Rachel on the left:

Rachel's husband, Matt, was playing some darts in the garage:

With another friend and fellow Boyz-tripper Ashley:

Absenting themselves from the party games, on the back porch were Mich, Brandi and Rachel:

Things got a little fuzzy after that...

But the next day we took the kids over to Matt and Rachel's for their son Nathan's first birthday party. Here's Nathan with his cupcake:

Sofia posing with her cupcake:

And Julien and Marin (Nathan's older sister) having some lunch.

Also met up with friends from Reno: Chris, Abby, their daughter Hannah and their friend Aaron were at the half-marathon outside of Bend. Didn't have my camera there, though...

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