Monday, August 13, 2007


Not sure why I picked this book up - probably because of the cover art. I once had a collection of parodies of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" - probably why this caught my eye. Anyway, Robert Frank takes us on a journey through the world of America's "new rich", who he terms "Richistanis." From their businesses and finances to their hobbies and kids, it's an interesting glimpse into a demographic that I'll never really see otherwise. What's surprising (but not really so much) is that these people who insist on alligator-trimmed steering wheels for their private jets aren't so different from us - still human, with concerns about the future, their kids, their lives. Couldn't really put it down, actually.

Book 52

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SnowLeopard said...

This sounds way better than the last book I read about spoiled, conniving, deceitful little rich kids in "The Clique." (Yes, I did find a YA book I didn't like and couldn't connect with.) Nice to know that they all aren't how the rich are portrayed in this series...