Monday, September 17, 2007

More TRT

Got up on the Tahoe Rim Trail again yesterday with Chris - we did the section from Mt. Rose to Spooner Summit. It's my last really long run before the Tahoe Marathon in a couple weeks, and also part of training for a Marathon Chis is doing in October. The trail didn't treat me very well - I had a pretty good fall early on trying to make room for some mountain bikers to pass (noone's fault, I just slipped) and then fatigued pretty nicely toward the end. The last 5 miles (of the 24) I was having trouble keeping my mind focused on the trail. Made it in 4:30 though - and over rough, hilly terrain that's 2-3000 feet above where the marathon will be run, that makes me feel pretty good about it. Also: it was a BEAUTIFUL day. My panorama-making software is still acting up, so I just put this together on the fly - hence the weird transitions between photos. Overloking Marlette Lake and Lake Tahoe:

Click to enlarge. If you look to the far right of the picture, you can just barely see a couple of casinos all the way down in Reno.

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SnowLeopard said...

Well, I think you will be a lot more prepared for your marathon than I will be for the half. You guys just amaze me- if that was a hard run for you, I can't imagine how much of it I would have to walk just to complete it! These pictures are beautiful, and you matched them up perfectly. :) Hope you're not too sore this week...

(BTW, I love my big screen- I just pulled the window open all the way, and didn't even have to scroll to see the whole thing all at once!)