Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sacramento Zoo

Took the kids to the Sacramento Zoo yesterday. It was a Saturday, but it was threatening rain (just sprinkled a little) so it wasn't very crowded. Here's Sofia, ready to go in the car on the way:

First thing we did was take the train ride around the zoo.Everyone was pretty excited:

Then we started touring the zoo - Julien really liked the orangutans.

And the giraffes were also popular:

The "stick your face through the sign" thing was a big hit -

Had some lunch, and wandered around some more - the snow leopards finally came out, so we had to get a couple shots of them:

Anyway, we had a great time - there was always something the next corner for the kids to discover:

But we had some pretty tired monkeys in the car afterwards.

That's why our trip to IKEA had to be cut short - kids were ready for a nap. But a fun day nonetheless.


SnowLeopard said...

Have I told you lately how cute your kids are? I'm way jealous you got to take them to the zoo! It looks like the perfect day for a visit (it can get way too humid in Sac for me!)- they look so happy and excited to be there. :) Way cute that Mich and Sofia have matching shoes, BTW.

And beautiful snow leopards! Did you get very close? Looks like a new enclosure since I've been (like 3-4 years at least!).

Anonymous said...

How could you NOT get a comment from snowleopard about the snow leopard?

Kirsten said...

The orangutangs made Julien feel at home, didn't they?