Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bike ride

So I've been trying to get out for a mountain bike ride, ever since the marathon, but weather or other stuff have conspired against me. Finally made time to do it this morning, although the weather wasn't perfect - cold and windy, actually, with a little blowing snow at times. That sounds worse than it was, though - I wore shorts, a long-sleeve t-shirt and a light vest, with full-fingered gloves and it was about perfect. Here's the route I did:

And some pictures:

Some pretty clouds near the top, but this was where it started snowing a little.

Looking east toward Sparks.

The trail ahead.

Looking down Park Canyon toward Rancho San Rafael.

From there I rode through the tunnel under McCarran into Rancho San Rafael, across the dog park, and down Washington street toward home. Took a silly fall, though - I was stopping to adjust my seatpost back up as I got back onto the pavement, and coasted to a stop on a concrete sidewalk. It was pretty slippery, my foot went right out from under me, and I went down kinda hard. Landed flat, though, so it was OK. Embarrassing, though...

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SnowLeopard said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures to accompany the route you biked! I SO love Nevada and the defined color contrasts nature gives us here. Bet it smelled great, all that fresh crisp air and wet sagebrush... My favorites smells- Mmmm!