Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike to Work Day

I decided to take part in Bike to Work day - I tried to do it a couple days a week last summer, and was moderately successful for a while, so this seemed like a good way to get back into it. It's about 5 and a half miles to my work - a slightly downhill ride in the morning, and a little uphill on the way home. It only gets really tough when there's afternoon wind - which is fairly common here in Nevada. I registered at Bike Nevada this morning, and had a nice ride into work in about 22 minutes. Tried to take it easy, so I wouldn't be all sweaty when I got there - last year I noticed that the closer to 20 minutes I got, the sweatier I was. 22 seemed about right. It was a perfect day in the afternoon, in the 70s and not very windy. Here's a video of me passing by Virginia Lake:


And my route on the way home. I try to stay away from the big streets, but heading through downtown isn't too bad on Arlington and 5th. The lights time out pretty well through there...

So, it's always nice to be reminded how easy it is to get around my bike. Maybe I'll consider a commute once or twice a week "cross-training" this summer...

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