Monday, March 19, 2007


I had seen Erik Larson's Devil In The White City go across the counter at the library quit a few times before I finally picked up a copy to read it. It didn't have my usual requirement of non-fiction, a sense of humor, but it had its own thing going: it was totally captivating. I almost didn't want to pick Larson's next book, Thunderstruck, up for fear that it would disappoint. I needn't have worried. Thunderstruck is a fascinating history of the invention and feud over the invention of wireless telegraphy interwoven with a murder mystery that the same wireless technology was instrumental in resolving. The only reason this was slightly less satisfying than his last book was that I was expecting so much. Great read.

Marc, do you want my copy of this for reasons previously discussed?

Book 15


Anonymous said...

I'm good, thanks.


Anonymous said...

So what did you learn about wireless telegraphy? Now I'm curious. :)