Sunday, July 8, 2007

Boyz Trip 3

So we got camp set up, and some of the guys headed out to do some fishing:

Not really my thing, but I tagged along to get some pictures, and ended up with this really picturesque one of Patrick:

I think one of the guys ended up catching a rockfish, so we had a bit of surf and turf for dinner. Went nicely with our steaks - ONE POUND steaks per person; not sure who did the shopping for that meal...

There were a couple of eagles flying around our camp; the first of many we were to see. Here's one:

This one and another eagle had a fight outside of our camp the first night; it was really loud. Here's the remains of what they were fighting over:

I should mention that there's not much night in Alaska right now. From about 12:30 to 3AM, the sun dropped below the horizon and it got kind of "dusky" out, but other than that, it was pretty bright. Kind of hard to get used to - our dinner times kept sliding back until the last night, when we ate at about 11PM. Here's the next morning, anyway, milling around camp and trying to figure out where the coffee was...

And continuing with the next day in another post...

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