Monday, July 16, 2007

Kuhsiel's Justice

Kushiel's Justice was one of my more eagerly-awaited books recently; even above a new Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore title. Mich and I read Jacqueline Carey's first series and really enjoyed it - this is the second book in her second series.I would call this some of the best fantasy I've read in a while - ok, ever. Her books are well thought out, emotionally deep (heart-rending, sometimes) and thought-provoking, while maintaining a sense of humor. Addictive, sexy and fun. What more can you ask?

I'm trying to find a way to give a quick description of the whole series (and this book within it) without going into too much detail - having a hard time. Let me just try. The books take place in a world structured on Europe of a couple centuries age, with most of the action happening in Terre d'Ange - analagous to France. Their religion and society is based on principles of love. The first three books were the story of a courtesan named Phedre, who through a series of adventures becomes powerful and respected. The second series is mostly about Imriel, who is Phedre's adopted son (the birth son of her arch-nemesis, a banished traitor) and of royal blood - in the line of succession. Jeez, that doesn't do it justice at all - I could write pages just in summary. Let me just say: I loved these books. They drew me in to their world completely.

Book 42

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SnowLeopard said...

Best fantasy series ever, huh? Well, I certainly want to read this series (when I finish this current class!). I didn't even read the second paragraph of your review 'cause I'd rather not know anything about it, 'cause then I'd be waiting for that something to happen- it might give something away! Can't have that. :) Maybe after I read this series, I'll come back here and finish reading your review. You've set the bar pretty high, so I better not be dissapointed... :)