Friday, July 27, 2007

Too Much Tuscan Sun

This is still one of my favorite genres - at Barnes and Noble, it's shelved under "Travel Essays". (In the DDC it's within whichever geographic area it covers, often LOC Subject headed with "Homes and Haunts" or "Anecdotes". Heh. Library nerd.)

Too Much Tuscan Sun is the stories that Dario Castagno has collected during years of being a tour guide in Chianti, Italy. I picked this up because I noticed the sequel to it at a bookstore, and wanted to check it out. Turned out I really liked it. Castagno is very earnest about his work, his life, and his home area. He seems like a really honest, well-meaning person who would be a pleasure to take a tour with. Of course, most of his stories focus on the weird or demanding clients he has had. They are at turns funny, poignant, sad or maddening. But through it shines Castagno's love for his land and for sharing it with people. I hope our library orders hsi new book; I'd really like to read it.

Book 48

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SnowLeopard said...

Yes, you're a library nerd, but I guess I am too since I didn't need to click on any of the links you so very thoughtfully supplied. :) I'd like to go to Italy too- it's so beautiful and seems like a wonderful place to just relax and soak up the sun and the local customs...