Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bowl of Cherries

Well - that was a crazy read! I saw this one go by at work and got sucked in by the line in the blurb that read "ninety-year old debut novelist." Then I read more and it sounded like the kind of wacky fiction I like to read. Boy, was I in for it, though. My best description? Kurt Vonnegut meets Tom Robbins, and they collaborate on a novel using a 1951 unabridged thesaurus. I mean, read the blurb on amazon - and then think of that plot, wrapped in a tapestry of vocabulary words that were almost beyond comprehension. Surprisingly funny and tender for all that. Not sure if I'd really recommend this one to anybody; I don't know anyone weird enough...

Book 89

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SnowLeopard said...

Good God! Talk about a tumescence of vocabulary, even in the blurb! Ha ha! Might be one of those times when I read two books at the same time- one of them being the dictionary. :)