Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seventh at St. Andrews

Yep, another golf book. Sorry to be predictable, but I like to keep up on "the literature." Anyway, I noticed The Seventh at St. Andrews on the shelf waiting to be cataloged, and put a hold on it.

Pretty good stuff. Similar to Dream Golf, which I reviewed earlier this year, in that it's a accessible book about the design and construction of a golf course. It also contained a few of the same characters - David McLay Kidd, who designed the first course at Bandon Dunes, was also picked to design and build the seventh course in St. Andrews. Anyway, this was a good read for someone interested in golf and golf courses, and maybe with a soft spot for links-style courses.

Book 77


Anonymous said...

The 7th course at SA? How many are there?

Did I actually beat Snowleopard to the comment?

Turi said...

Sure did - speedy.

There are currently six courses - check wikipedia for info:

SnowLeopard said...

Ha ha. Sorry I'm so slow. :) Golf? What? Huh?