Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, Halloween has come and gone. Mich again made costumes for the kids - Julien was a Jedi, and Sofia ended up as some sort of wood fairy princess. (She had initially asked to be a "king in a boat" - not sure where that came from...) I somehow didn't end up with many pictures of Julien, but here's Sofia:

And a close-up of her hair-do:

We all had dinner at Nanny's down in Carson City, then went for a quick trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Common sight, kids clustered around a door waiting to yell "Trick-or treat." Julien was very good about saying "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween" as well.

And here's a bonus pic of Sofia, enjoying the spoils and being VERY protective of that bag...


Morgan said...

So cute! Isn't great that she understood it better and had a great time? Lola wanted to keep going. She kept asking people if they had a doggie. I think she would have gone in if they had let her.

SnowLeopard said...

Were your kids super hyper from the sugar high? Mine were bouncing off the walls, and I had to ration their candy so they didn't eat it all in one night. Talk about pure unharnessed energy- too bad there's no way to store it for later in life... I could sure use some of it now! :)